enlace | Prof. Ivan De Oliveira Durães for the Accademia Napoletana (Neapolitan Academy)


  • Video message for the Neapolitan Academy by Professor, Jurist, Anthropologist and Philosopher Ivan De Oliveira Durães on the occasion of the International Day of Mother Language 2019.
    The Neapolitan Academy is an international scientific group to preserve, teach and promote Neapolitan Language and Heritage, all around the world.
    With the distinguished Professor Ivan De Oliveira Neapolitan Academy (Accademia Napoletana) activated a scientific research on the Neapolitan community of Sao Paolo of Brasil for the preservation of the Neapolitan mother language.
    This is a work in defense of any mother tongues at risk, as a cultural and human right.

  • Category: Videos
  • Thematic area: Human/Indigenous Rights
  • Call topics: Science ethics and open content
  • Major objective: Deliver capacities to take concrete actions and measures to support, access and promote indigenous languages
  • Area of intervention: Growth and development through elaboration of new knowledge