enlace | Mentoring Guidelines


  • These General Mentoring Guidelines for Translators and Interpreters provide a reference system and the building blocks for a successful mentor/mentee experience. They are intended to help our community’s freelancers and companies build their own customized program.
    The goal of this document is, therefore, to help establish a structured mentoring relationship with the help of broad guidelines allowing the mentoring partners to define a clear way of collaborating, sharing and learning, and respecting mutual values.
    Translation Commons is a non-profit organization and responds to the needs of people using endangered and minority languages all over the globe, giving them the chance to participate in the opportunities created by technologies enabling scientific, cultural and economic pursuits.

  • Category: education
  • Thematic area: Education and literacy
  • Call topics: SDGs
  • Major objective: Thematic areas: Support
  • Area of intervention: Growth and development through elaboration of new knowledge