| Revitalization of the Indigenous Languages in the Peruvian Amazon

  • Revitalization the indigenous languages of the Peruvian Amazon is a project lead by two linguists, Dr. Guillaume Oisel (UNIA-LACITO/CNRS) and Dr. Roberto Zariquey Biondi (PUCP, since the year 2018. It has two aims. The first one is the linguistic analysis of the modern uses of the Shipibo language during the Indigenous Football World Cup, which took place in February 2018 in Yarinacocha, Perú. The second one is the compilation of the names of animals and plants in Indigenous Languages (a linguistic ethnobiological study) spoken in the National and Intercultural University of the Amazon, Pucallpa, in Perú. That is to say regional Spanish, Shipibo, Awajún, Wampis, and other languages.

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