enlace | State Library of Queensland “Word of the Week” Week Seven


  • State Library of Queensland's IY2019 Word of the Week for Week 7 [12-18 February] is wairra [pronounced way-rah with a rolled ‘r’], from the Kalkatunga / Kalkadoon language of the Mt Isa Region – meaning ‘heart, as the seat of emotion’.

    State Library of Queensland invites you to celebrate the 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages as we raise awareness of the rich diversity of Queensland’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.
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    Week Seven 12-18 February 2019.
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    Source: Blake, B. (1967) A brief description of the Kalkatungu language. GSC 499.15 1967

  • Category: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages
  • Thematic area: Promotion
  • Call topics: Mainstreaming across national development plans and language policies
  • Major objective: Thematic areas: Promotion
  • Area of intervention: Creation of favourable conditions for knowledge-sharing and dissemination of good practices with regard to indigenous languages